What Equipment Do I Need for the Insanity Workout?

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On April 12, 2012
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what equipment do i need for insanity

The INSANITY WORKOUT is tough. Unless you are a trained athlete your joints and muscles will not be prepared for the level of punishment they are about to undergo. Sure you can throw yourself into the workout and just rough it out, but the smart trainee will arm themselves with the right equipment to ensure that:

  1. They will lower your chances of injury

  2. They will maximize your results from the workout

If you are serious about getting 100% results from the INSANITY WORKOUT, then you need to ensure that you have the right equipment. Remember:

Muscle burn is good. Muscle pain and joint injury are bad. Don’t risk your health by doing the INSANITY WORKOUT under prepared.


P90X Recovery Formula

what do you need for insanity workout

The most crucial piece of equipment in the game is the P90X Recovery Formula. These workouts are going to flat-out kill you, and leave you a wrung-out rag the next day. If you want to bounce back like a champ and hit your second, third, twenty-seventh workout hard, then you need to make sure you replenish your energy reserves. This is the only supplement that Shaun T himself outright recommends. Trust me, you don’t try the INSANITY Workout without it. If there is one thing that will make a huge difference in your results, this is it.

Yoga Mat

what do you need for insanity

The next thing you’ll need is an excellent yoga mat. While some hardcore warriors will want to pulverize their joints as they exercise on raw concrete, the smart money is on using a yoga mat to protect and cushion your joints from the constant plyometric pounding they’re going to take. Think about it: have you been jumping and exercising at maximum intensity these past few years? No? Then your joints are not yet conditioned to take this kind of pounding. Avoid pain and knee/ankle injury by grabbing a high-quality yoga mat. A carpet won’t cut it either for a completely different reason: all that sweat has to fall somewhere, and after a week your carpet will be all stunk up.

Heart Rate Monitor

insanity workout equipment

While this is especially vital if you have any heart conditions or cardiovascular problems such as high blood pressure or the like, a heart rate monitor is also crucial for those who want to track their progress. Use one of these to measure your cardio improvement, and ensure that you are always right in the right zone as you work out. The best for your buck is the Bowflex Strapless Heart Rate Monitor–that’s what Shaun T himself uses in the workout.

Cross Trainer Shoes

insanity equipment

Last but not least is an excellent pair of cross trainer tennis shoes. After plenty of research, I totally recommend a pair of ASICS. Check out the link for more info on them. You will be doing a lot of plyometrics and cardio work that will have you not only leaping but moving rapidly from side to side, sprinting on the spot and doing a number of push-ups, stretches and more. These radical shifts in direction will place a lot of stress on your joints, especially your knee and ankle joints if you’re not careful, and so you need to invest in the best cross trainer’s you can get your hands on. Regular running shoes simply won’t cut it.

insanity workout

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