Insanity Workout

insanity workout


No other workout on DVD is as intense, as brutal, and delivers the kind of results that the INSANITY Workout does. Shaun T has put together a 60 day workout regimen that will push you past your boundaries, that will test not just your muscles but your willpower, and ask you: how badly do you want to get ripped?

Composed of a punishing mix of calisthenics, plyometrics, cardio, core work, and sports drills. the Insanity Workout will blast every ounce of fat from your body and leave you in a pool of your own sweat. This is the real deal, ladies and gentlemen: look no farther if you want the ultimate in extreme workouts.


The Insanity Workout is made up of a series of interlocking workouts that are performed six days a week. Each emphasizes a different aspect of Shaun T’s MAX Interval Training, so that you are constantly cycling through different levels of intensity for each body part and system.

MAX Interval Training is Shaun T’s brainchild, and the secret behind the Insanity Workout. Classic Interval Training is made up of brief bursts of intensity with long breaks in between, but Shaun T has done the opposite, so that you work out at your max for long periods of time, and are only given short breaks. Sound insane? It is–and so are the results!


Shaun T is so confident that you will love the results you’ll get from the Insanity Workout that he’s giving you a 30 day, no questions asked ability to return the Insanity Workout for a full refund. You get to try the entire first HALF of the workout before deciding whether to stick with it. How’s that for confidence in its results! That’s how you know this is quality: 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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